This is my web­site. If you have visited it before then most of the content will be fa­mil­iar al­though I haveadded a number of pages and up­da­ted many others and sim­pli­fied the look rad­ically but, most­ly, it is adem­on­stra­tion of old wine in new bott­les.

The site star­ted in 1999 as noth­ing more than a way of shar­ing wood­work­ing projects and ideas but over the yearsmuch was added. In this latest iter­ation a number of these ex­tran­eous bits were shed. I hope that the newmater­ial I added will be of some inter­est or will, at least, not be too boring. No good can come from pushing the readerinto a coma.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! I am slowly making progress with rewriting the site. Everything in the menu except for three two items are in final or near-finalcondition. Take a look and if you see anything wrong, please email me. Oh, and please forgive the sometimes-odd effects — I'mstill exploring ways to do fun stuff without using javascript.

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No testinghas been performed in the Apple world for lack of suitable equipment so, if you see something wrong there, please let me know.

Should you wish to contact me about the site, email me at: Mirror Image
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