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Welcome!This site has links to EECS course home pages and to information about EECS Instructional labs and computing.

  Quick Info     - For new users: accounts and labs
      - Emergency and safety information for students in our labs
        - Connecting /Disk quotas /Print quotas /Cardkey not working?
        -Lab Schedules

  • CS, EE and EECS Course Home Pages
  • How to Access the Instructional Computers
  • Computer and Electronics Labs,  AV Facilities,  Accounts,  Software
  • Information for Instructors
  • New Users: Getting Started,   Finding Computer Resources in EECS
  • Computer Use Rules and Policies
  • Home Pages and Features of this WWW Server
  • Systems Usage Stats,   Managers' Reports
    EECS Instructional Support GroupEECS Electronics Support Group377 & 378 Cory Hall, 333 Soda HallUniversity of CaliforniaBerkeleyCA94720-1770
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